China   |  2019

Radiance Clubhouse, Fuzhou

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Shenzhen Dikai Interior Design Co., Ltd.


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Jinhui Real Estate



Fuzhou, with its geographic location surrounded by the sea in the front and the mountains on the back, is the crucial element inspiring the designer. This clubhouse, where the two rivers collide, has the extraordinary geological environment where is the best ideal location for constructing the luxury building. The designer proceeds the clubhouse design with the two major elements of water and technology. The large clear floor-to-ceiling windows are extensively decorated on the architecture. The slick walls embellished with the splendid metal lines figuratively manifest the water-like impression. The long chandeliers extended from ceiling to the 1st floor are as dazzling as the starlight scattering on the sea. The spiral staircase reaching upwards to the ceiling congruously corresponds to the chandelier. The components of architecture and indoor space are mutually consolidated in the overall design plan, of which the indoor space exposes the feature of architecture, and the architecture reveals the affection of indoor space. The grey curved walls and black boards decorated in the round indoor space not only separate the different areas, also are decorative. The plain adornments can delicately create refined taste for the space as well. The living room, meeting room, dining room, tea room, etc. accordantly balance the overall space. The metal chandeliers, Chinese-style walls and exuberant traffic flows enhance the textures to this brown-tone space. The adorned green plants attach an enlivening charm to the space. The comfortable allurements, for either ink paintings or white areas, are sedate, far-reaching, harmonious and pleasant. Any art indoor space with decorative architectural structures for sure will be an exhibition space with strong vitality. The lives of exhibition are more exuberant and enduring. The realistic feeling evolved from artworks spreads comprehensively in the building.


Chief Designer
ShuRen Xu
JinNian Li
XiangGao Zhuang
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